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Nurturing Holiday Spirit: Fostering Togetherness and Belonging in Nursing Home Settings

When people talk of holidays in general, they refer to the period in which families come together. On the other hand, it may not be an easy time and lonely period for many seniors in nursing homes. Our goal is to build community spirit during the holidays at North Country Nursing and Rehabilitation.

We achieve this by organizing holiday-based fun activities and programs. We encourage our residents to decorate, bake, or carol as part of our activities to give them joy and make them feel at home. Families are encouraged to participate to enhance the residents’ experience.

We believe in spreading holiday cheer beyond our walls, and we invite you to join us! Encourage your loved ones to create cards for children. Together, we can make this season one of joy and purpose for everyone.

North County Nursing and Rehabilitation believes everybody deserves a happy and uplifting Christmas experience. We aim to make the season brighter by crafting a conducive environment for our residents and their families.

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